All-Natural Lotion Bars

by Jamie Saphow November 03, 2017

Cooler weather is settling in here on the east coast. While I love the smell of the air and the cold mornings, my skin decidedly does not.

I was trolling around pinterest...dangerous for my time management and found a super portable and super easy idea. Lotion bars.

They are super convenient, easy to make, and easy to use. They are formulated without water, so no issues with requiring preservatives. The last big plus for these, portability. 

My next step was to wander around the web, looking for different recipes that could appeal to both myself, my family, and my customers.

Just like for all the products that we make, it must be made with all natural and wholesome ingredients. Nothing that is "natural identical" or "also found in nature". I needed it to be self-preserving, and provide a benefit.

I also plan to have a few vegan options. So there will be a few that have a plant based wax instead of a traditional beeswax formula.

I am open to all suggestions, comments, or questions. If there is a scent, herb, or benefit that you want to see, share, please!


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Jamie Saphow
Jamie Saphow


Aspiring Herbalist and avid learner. I'm excited about helping people improve their lives through plants and smart life decisions. I'm studying hard to learn everything I can about plants and how they can help support a healthy body and life.

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