Natural Oil Soluble Colorants

As I dig deeper into "natural" and what it means (which is nothing because there is no real definition for the word) I find that things I always thought were natural or things I thought I could source a natural version of are simply non-existent.

One of these things that is obscure and difficult to obtain are colorants for cosmetics that are oil soluble AND natural.

A few of my products are formulated with mica as the colorant. Until very recently, I thought mica was natural and that, for sure, my source for the material was providing me something natural.

Well, I'm wrong on both those counts.

So, the products that are listed with "mica" in the ingredients are being worked on to provide the same color benefit but from a natural source. For now those few products will remain as they are, but moving forward I will be modifying them to be all natural. 

For some background, micas are sourced from natural minerals, but are then coated with dyes to imbue the color. The dyes can be natural, but aren't always. I've also noticed that many suppliers do not list their micas as natural and so I am to assume that they are indeed, not. 

Some more information I've mined: many colorants that are called natural are "nature identical", which means that while they are made in a lab, they are exactly the same as what you find in nature.

I'd love for you to weigh in on what you think. How would you feel if I decided to use "nature identical" interchangeably with "all-natural"? Is it worth it to you, as the customer to have a wider range of color options?

I have found some sources for colors that I think should work, but some experimentation is in order.

Tell me what you think about all this and if you have suggestions, I'm very much open to hear them. 

I do apologize for claiming all natural when a few my of products contain these colorants and I will do everything I can to rectify that.

Stay healthy!

Comment, question, email me...Thank you!


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