PPE chemotherapy side effects

PPE/HFS - Chemotherapy Side Effect Part 5

One last component for my Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia formula, Quercetin.

This can be extracted from red onions; it comes from the papery skin and outer few layers. Other sources for this are St. John's Wort and American Elder. I wasn't able to find out how well this chemical absorbs into the skin, so it's an unknown, but because it's beneficial, I didn't want to leave it out. 

PPE chemotherapy side effects

It's theorized to reduce inflammatory pain and to block the action of mast cells.

PPE chemotherapy side effects

This is the final component for the formula. My next step is to actually make the salve.

PPE chemotherapy side effects

I purchased organic red onions, peeled the skin and outer layers off. I then placed them in single layers in my dehydrator until they were "crispy". I crumbled them up and covered them with sunflower seed oil. A quick infusion created an strongly onion scented oil for use in my salve.

As of today, I have only one person who, unfortunately is suffering with both this condition and of course battling cancer. If anyone out there would like to try this out, I'd be happy to send a sample to try.

Please remember that I am NOT a doctor and you absolutely should discuss this with the medical professionals who are providing your care.

I have a plan to create a liquid formula that can be applied directly to the skin as a spray or applied to a soft clothe and laid on top of the effected area.

Thoughts, comments, and suggestions are WELCOME. Send over a note if you're willing to try a sample and give me some constructive feedback. As stated above, please check with your doctor before trying anything that isn't directly prescribed by her.

My next post will wrap up the series for now until I have a formula ready to share.

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