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Welcome to the Elemental Promise Herbal Journey

by Jamie Saphow October 30, 2017

Hello. I hope you will join me on an herbal journey. Let's form a partnership for your well-being!

I started studying herbs and herbalism not too long ago. It has ignited a new passion for me. It's a bit surprising, but at the same time it fits just right. I feel like I put on my favorite pair of jeans.

LIfe is hectic and it can wear you down. Our goal at Elemental Promise is to provide products that you or your family and friends can use. I want them to be safe, effective, and a pleasant experience.

This is where you come in. I know that this is my business and businesses are for selling something, but I want your feedback.

I want to know if you're allergic to an ingredient in one of my products and we can work together to make something just for you.  Our products must be something that you can use and that will work, because that is our elemental promise.

As I progress in my studies, I plan to begin offering small counseling sessions. This is quite far in our pipeline, but I'm sharing this to show you that I want to help you and improve the quality of life for you.

If you don't see something but you really want a solution, shoot me a message. Let's work together!

So, I leave you now, wishing you good health and a good day. If you have a chance, leave  a comment,  or send a note.  I want to hear from you!

Thank you!


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Jamie Saphow
Jamie Saphow


Aspiring Herbalist and avid learner. I'm excited about helping people improve their lives through plants and smart life decisions. I'm studying hard to learn everything I can about plants and how they can help support a healthy body and life.

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