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Holistic Life Goals Workbook | Consciously Holistic Living

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Your life is busy and you are constantly losing sight of your hopes and dreams. A holistic approach to your life's goals will keep you on your path.

Living a holistic life is simple and I'm going to show you how. There are endless ways to make it work just for you. 

This workbook is designed to help you dig in and really figure out what you want, and how you can get there.

You do have the option to grab the first set of sheets free and only purchase the last one that ties it all together.

Head over to our first post on Holistic Goal Setting to opt-in to the email series that will walk you through the first set of worksheets and you will get the first ones for free.


7 Page Workbook

It's broken up into 4 parts. 

The first 3 parts are how you figure out your goals.

The last part helps you tie it all together and actually set the goals.


When you purchase this workbook, you are automatically enrolled into an email series to guide you through the process.

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