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Why wonder what's in your lip and skin care products? These products ultimately end up inside your body. Provide yourself with natural, healthy ingredients to accentuate your inner and outer beauty.

At Elemental Promise we know that nothing is more important than the health and safety of you and your family. It's frustrating that companies can be so sneaky with their ingredient labeling. Do they have harsh chemicals, or are they truly, all natural?  Product ingredients should be transparent. We publish every one of our ingredients (the list is a work in progress).  Take a look! 

When we say Natural...our Elemental Promise is to provide you with Natural products you can Trust.  Natural is not a word we use to decorate a package, rather its a way of life.  

We are here for you...Read my ingredients lists and ask us questions. We are happy to answer you. We are on this road together. If something isn't working, tell us. If you hate something, tell us. If you think we're trying to trick you, call us out. 

We want to be part of your healthy lifestyle. We continuously provide valued content in our newsletter and social media pages. Our goal, if you can take away one tip, than it was worth the read. So, sign up for our newsletter to start receiving news, tips, store specials, etc.

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