Holiday Gifts | Elemental Promise

Working on your gifts throughout the year will give you a stress-free holiday season to enjoy spending time with family & friends rather than worrying about what to get for the people you care about.


Here's the easiest way to be stress-free for gift buying.

  • Keep a list of people you buy for including co-worker gift exchange, home helpers, teachers, your direct reports, etc -- this way you never forget a gift and have to scramble at the last minute. Make sure to add family and friends!
  • Have a good-size box to hold gifts as you buy them. If you're really ambitious, stick a post-it or label to the gift with the name or "category" of who the gift could be for
  • Keep the box out of reach of your children &/or pets
  • As you go shopping throughout the year, think about the times when you've had the thought, "this would be perfect for....". Buy that (within your price range for gifts) and stick it in the box.
  • Around September/October go through the box and your list. Take notes of gifts you still need to purchase.
  • Make a list of outstanding people & start buying during all the sales you find

Gift Ideas


Anyone who loves things on the more feminine side of life. 



Anyone who prefers the less feminine in their personal care


Children & Young Adults


Health Specific Concerns