The Elemental Promise Mission

Our Mission, Values, & Goals

Elemental Promise is a brand developed in response to the frustration of green-washing and misleading marketing.

All-natural means what the actual words mean. At least, to me they do.

All = 100%

Natural = Derived from nature.

Natural is where things can get a bit convoluted.

My goal is to provide you with products made from ingredients that are minimally processed, SAFE, effective, and natural.

There are times when I've moved away from using ingredients because the processing was unclear or it was so far removed from natural that it could no longer possibly have the synergistic effects of the source.


The Environment

I am committed to doing right by the world.

But finding ways to be sustainable is expensive and steeped in misconception.

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Social Impact

Leaving the world a better place than I found it is a driving force for me and for Elemental Promise.

As we grow, so to will our positive impact.

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As the products evolve, I will do my best to update the ingredients we use and its purpose.

If I can cite a source for evidence, I will, even if only a traditional use.

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We Are An Open Book

Anything that I overlooked or haven't shared is open for your questions. 

Reach out to me with your questions, concerns, or suggestions.

I'd love to hear from you!