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All-Natural Herbal Facial Steam

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Get dewy, soft skin with our herb-powered facial steam.

This herbal facial steam smells amazing and leaves your skin dewy and refreshed.

A truly luxurious experience to gift to yourself or someone you care about. 

The bright, fresh scent of the herbs floats gently up to your nose while you bathe your face in the steam.

Calendula & Rose is perfect for all skin types, but will work best with dry or more mature skin.

Eucalyptus & Rose provides the nourishing benefits of rose petals while also opening and loosening your sinuses

Rosemary & Hibiscus can be used for acne-prone skin to soothe & comfort your irritated skin.

Using our facial steams is like a mini-spa experience right at home!

No artificial fragrance or colors. 

Just natural, beautiful herbs.

The 2 oz size gives you 4 facial steams. 


Calendula & Rose
Orange peel, Ginger Root, Calendula Flowers, Holy Basil Leaves, Rose Petals

Eucalyptus & Rose
Orange peel, Eucalyptus leaves, Peppermint leaves, Chamomile flowers, Rose petals

Rosemary & Hibiscus
Rosemary leaves, Chamomile flowers, Hibiscus petals, Peppermint, leaves Calendula flowers

How to use

Measure out about 1/4 cup of the herbs into a large bowl or your plugged up sink.

Add 4 cups of very hot or just boiled water to the herbs.

Cover & allow to steep & cool for about 10 minutes.

Hang head over the steam with a towel completely covering your head. You want to keep the steam from escaping too much.

Steam your face for a few minutes & then lift your head for a few breaths before steaming again.

Steam at least 5 minutes, but no more than about 10 minutes.

Gently pat your skin dry or allow it to dry naturally.

Why Elemental Promise?

We reuse as much of our shipping packaging as possible.

We donate a percentage of our sales to Repurpose.Global to reclaim ocean plastic & offset our plastic use.

We use recycled or recyclable packaging whenever possible & are constantly researching to do more & better.

We are working towards empowering women to have flexibility with work/life balance by hiring to make small batches for our customers.

Be part of our mission. Share our values. Continue our good works.