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Mygraine Kit - A Customized Migraine Kit
Mygraine Kit - A Customized Migraine Kit
Mygraine Kit - A Customized Migraine Kit
Mygraine Kit - A Customized Migraine Kit
Mygraine Kit - A Customized Migraine Kit

Mygraine Kit - A Customized Migraine Kit

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It's time to get control over your migraines. 

The Mygraine Kit is designed to help you gain insights into your migraine pain, and establish wellness practices to reduce your migraine days each month.

Combining the kit with our 6-week, free email course will get you on track to feeling better, faster.

The kit works by addressing all areas from which your migraines may be triggered. 


Inside The Kit

  • The Migraine Journal - 100 pages of the migraine journal template to track your migraine days. Useful for visualizing trends or patterns that you and your doctor will use to improve your treatment plan
  • Hot/Cold Eye Mask - Hand-made from FlaxOfLife, it's stuffed with flax and lightly scented with migraine-fighting peppermint and eucalyptus
  • Migraine Tea - 30 Servings of Loose Tea - A tea designed to deal with the acute migraine symptoms of an attack. Both hot and cold work well, but knowing which type of migraine you experience helps when dealing with the symptoms. Download this handy PDF to know which migraine type you are.
  • An Adaptogen Tea - 60 Day Supply - A tea taken daily to help support different body systems to stop migraines before they start. The effects are slow but steady. Again, knowing your migraine type will help you choose between hot and cold, but both work equally well.
  • Twinge Salve - 0.50 oz tube of our twinge salve to relieve tight neck and shoulder muscles. Migraines can be easily triggered with stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  • Migraine Balm - 0.50 oz tube of our migraine balm, a new and improved formula with ingredients traditionally used topically to stop migraine pain.
  • Newman's Ginger Mints - migraine pain is usually accompanied by an upset stomach, these mints are included to help you deal with nausea and other gut troubles
  • Migraine e-Book - a printed version of our e-book that includes DIY recipes of our migraine teas, facts about migraines, and other herbs you can use to help heal your body from migraine dis-ease.
  • Chicobag - all of this comes wrapped up in a reusable Chicobag. We wanted to offer it as a sustainable packaging option for our kit.
  • A coupon for 15% off a customized migraine tea; if the tea in this kit doesn't work or could work better, then we are happy to design a tea specifically for you

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