Love Your Skin

Soothe your dry, itchy skin, naturally.

Rough, scaly skin doesn't have to be your reality

Repair, protect, and nourish your skin. Our toxin-free, natural body care will keep you feeling and looking amazing, inside & out.

Eucalyptus Whipped Body Butter

Calendula infused olive oil & shea butter promote healing for dry skin. Fresh eucalyptus & rosemary scent to stimulate & open your senses. Non-greasy formula soaks in without a sticky residue.

Soothe & Soften Herbal Salve

Calendula & Plantain are the powerhouse herbs promoting healthy skin barrier function & soothing minor irritations. Unscented to calm even the most sensitive skin, this salve will provide relief on any dry, irritated skin.

Eucalyptus Coconut & Oatmeal Milk Bath

Coconut milk & oatmeal team up to moisturize your skin with a nice relaxing soak. Eucalyptus & peppermint get at the stuff that gets stuck, helping to ease some of that sinus pressure.

You Are Worth It

Living holistically & naturally isn't exclusive. 

It's attainable by everyone.

No matter your race, ethnicity, or creed.

You are special simply because you exist.

Take care of the special you that you are.


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